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George A. Jackson - CEO/President

Since 1967, George has been an integral part of the communication industry's growth. His knowledge stemmed from hands-on training, starting as a crew member and advancing through the ranks has expedited his ascension to becoming an international construction supervisor and marketing executive.

  1. After assessing the state of the industry in 1979, George founded TWR Telecom, Inc. to offer a more efficient level of service based on his extensive experience in all aspects of tower related construction/maintenance. As Owner/CEO of TWR Telecom he brought a unique insight to project management. His leadership ability and expertise earned him the respect of his peers. His reputation, based on integrity and determination provided him with one of the most respected tower companies in the country. His market awareness and business savvy helped him diversify the company's base to meet customer demands by adding TWR Lighting, TWR Communications, Rooker Tower Company, and Specialty Drilling. These companies were all managed by Mr. Jackson until he sold them in 1999.

  2. From 1999 until present George has stayed affiliated and updated in the communication industry through his TWR Telecom S.A. de C.V. company in Mexico. In 2001, Mr. Jackson acquired Specialty Drilling, Ltd, and then in 2004 he began again by forming Quality Tower Services, Ltd. and Specialty Tower Lighting, Ltd., once again determined to bring higher quality and stronger safety standards to the industry.

C.W. "Buddy" Howard - General Manager

For more than 40 years Buddy has been in and around the drilling industry. His knowledge of the drilling business and all aspects that surround it is unsurpassed by anyone. Depend on Buddy to get the job done right.

  1. Starting as labor he managed to excel up the ranks to Lead Hand, Drill Truck Operator, Crane Mounted Driller, Superintendent, Dispatcher and now Estimator/General Manager. Buddy's experience does not stop there. He spent 25 years with respected businesses in the industry such as: Bell Bottom Foundations, Farmer Foundation, Farmer Equipment and Farmer Drilling. His tenure with Specialty Drilling, Ltd. has exceeded 15 years to date.

  2. Buddy has drilled shafts up to 216" in diameter and down to 123' in depth utilizing casing, double casing, slurry, coring and belling. Our customers can be assured that Buddy is the man with the experience and reputation to get your job done right and on time.

Danny Vasquez - General Superintendent

Danny has more than 21 years experience in the drilling industry. He also has experience as an operator on backhoes, dozers, cherry pickers, front end loaders, boom trucks, as well as drove semi-trucks. He started his career with WW Drilling and Bell Bottom Foundation with the last 12 years with Specialty Drilling.

  1. From the list of many shafts that Danny has drilled several of them have been up to 120" in diameter. On these projects he as utilized casing, double casing, slurry, coring and belling on both land and barge operations. Danny is known for getting the job done and done right the first time.